We are focused on facilitating the digital payment solution by the application of pre-paid cards having $150Bn overall market size & increasing with CAGR of 20%. Its market segmentation is based on card type, the users and the services.

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Mass Transit System (MTS)

  • Customer Segment: Daily bus commuters & the Travel Operators
  • Indian Market Size: $15Bn
  • Model: B2B & B2G
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45,000 Cr

Annual cash transactions

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700 +

Lakh of Daily commuters

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8 +

Annual wait time in days


  • Lack of complete digital payment solution in city buses across India
  • Soaring revenue leakage for the travel partner (8-15%)
  • Lack of live bus tracking & Mobility as a Service (MaaS)-based solutions


  • Interoperable Open-Loop National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)-based true contactless digital payment solution
  • MaaS-based solutions (estimating crowd status, passenger information system etc.)

Financial solution for college students

  • Customer Segment: College students and College administrations
  • Indian Market Size: $19.64Bn
  • Model: B2B & B2B2C
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Average Monthly Transactions

4.13 Cr +

Students studying Higher Education

43000 +

Number of Colleges


  • Students and Gen-Z require payment options which could provide customized offers & assured cashback for each transaction
  • They get no or less financial incentive for accomplishing college-based goals
  • A lot of hidden charges imposed by traditional card players
  • College administration not provided with customized financial solution


  • Interoperable pre-paid cards with assured cashbacks for each transaction.
  • Financial incentives to the students for accomplishing goals
  • SaaS-based solutions to the colleges and embedded financial solutions

Financial solution for the corporates

  • Customer Segment: Employees and various corporate firms
  • Model: B2B
15 Lac +

Number of registered corporate firms in India

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47 Cr +

Number of Employees


  • Need for various forms of pre-paid cards for their employees
  • Embedded financial solutions along with the diverse requirement-based pre-paid cards for employees.


  • Payroll cards for the unbanked employees, incentive cards and the prepaid business card.