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PayCardo provides Contactless & Cashless transaction system by offering PayCardo Smart Card to the commuters. This is a one-stop solution to reduce and curb the cash crunch and the spread of virus while commuting

  • We address cash change issues which are experienced daily by most of the commuters during their journey. As per a report, 6.8 crore of people commute daily by public buses in India
  • Moreover, the current scenario of COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent need to limit the use of physical cash in buses as notes and coins are potential carriers of germs and viruses
  • Due to cash exchange in buses, germs can get transferred by passengers to the conductor, or vice versa or through physically interacting with the conventional ticketing machines leading to surface transmission
  • A 2015 study conducted by King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, showed that almost an entire sample of 96 banknotes and 48 coins were contaminated with virus, fungus and bacteria
  • A 2016 study conducted in Tamil Nadu showed 86.4% of 120 banknotes collected from doctors, banks, markets, butchers, students and housewives had various disease-causing germs
  • Another 2016 research from Karnataka study showed 58 of 100 notes of ₹100, ₹50, ₹20 and ₹10 were contaminated
  • Every day almost ₹120 crore of traffic revenue is collected just by government buses. Since this amount is being transacted physically therefore it makes bus travel experience highly unsafe.
  • Eliminating cash exchange can make the bus travel safe 20 times than before
  • Cashless rides eliminate 95% of transmission risks
  • The problem which we are addressing not only covers an everlasting cash change issue but it also covers the current and the most sought after solution to minimize health risk by encouraging commuters to go Contactless & Cashless
  • We are committed to offering value to our customers through the product which we provide. Our team has been working endlessly to enhance holistic comfort to our customers
  • Our Smart Card reduces cash exchange dependency in buses which allows our commuters to commute freely within the city making their journey stress-free
  • The Smart Card being true contactless in nature, minimizes the risk of infection by germs either through the surface of POS or through physical cash exchange. We, therefore, tend to drive out the fear of health risk which has currently prevailed in the minds of daily commuters
  • Our app, in subsequent stages aims to provide details of routes. People also have an unusual tendency of not opting for a digital payment due to many genuine concerns
  • According to a 2017 survey carried out in India, among the total number of people not opting for digital payment, 48% of them had a genuine concern over lack of good internet connectivity and 10% were doubtful over the lack of technical knowledge. Our system doesn't require any internet connectivity and operating our Smart Card doesn't require any technical know-how. Any customer can just wave it in front of the reader and complete get the transaction. Hence we aim to bring ease to our customer by providing the most simplified payment solution
  • PayCardo Smart Card is simple and convenient to use
  • Commuters have to wave the Smart Card in front of the card reader. The card reader is to be handled by the conductor in buses
  • As soon as the reader detects the card, a transaction is initiated and the amount corresponding to travel is deducted from the Smart Card
  • After the amount is deducted, commuters get an SMS confirming the status of travel (amount, time, date and destination) and the balance is updated and notified to the commuters through the SMS or printed ticket (in case commuters do not have a mobile phone)

Registering for PayCardo Smart Card services requires your name, age, mobile number and any government ID details

Providing email id is optional. Each Smart Card is issued corresponding to the mobile number provided by different customers

To activate the Smart Card, an OTP is sent to the mobile number and once the verification gets completed, the card is activated

In case a customer doesn't have a mobile number registration can be done by submitting details of any government ID

PayCardo Smart Card can be purchased/obtained either:

  • From our affiliated vendors
  • From our partnered bus conductor

Recharge can be done by two modes:

  1. You can recharge the card through our app by yourself. You can open PayCardo app and go to Payments and Recharge section. There you need to add unique ID of the Smart Card you wish to recharge
    • Once you feed the value you wish to recharge, you will be redirected to payment gateway. You can now choose the mode of payment and get the recharge done
    • You would receive an SMS confirming the recharge and showing the current status of your balance
  2. If you can’t use the app then you can directly pay the recharging amount to the conductor or to our vendors and they would get your recharge done

You can utilize your balance for commuting in all the city buses which are tied with PayCardo. The balance can’t be cashed out and it can’t be used for any other purposes

We provide innumerable features to you on our app. You can access:

  • Live Bus Tracking facility
  • Automated services/feeds which include details of their travel history
  • Provision of Smart Card's recharge on your own
  • Details about bus routes and timings of buses