Go Cashless and Contactless

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About Us

PayCardo provides Contactless & Cashless payment system by offering PayCardo Smart Card to the commuters. This is a one-stop solution to reduce and curb the cash crunch and the spread of virus while commuting.
Our diversified team has been spending hours to obsess and compute the problems faced daily by the customers due to the scarcity of loose cash in the market. We strive to design and build a quicker and zero-contact e-payment ecosystem. Our app is not only getting designed to provide complete travel history to our users but also with the provision to recharge multiple PayCardo Smart Cards 24*7.
Our USPs include the provision of a simple, secured, hassle-free and true Contactless & Cashless payment solution fabricated with value to our commuters. Going Contactless also proves to be a safer practice as it prevents any potential cause of germ’s spread through physical cash.