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Quick and contactless payment assured
Safe and hassle-free travel ensured

How it works

Through this video, you will get to understand the criticality of the problems which we address. You will also get to understand who we are and how do we aim at providing matchless values to our customers through our product.

Key Features

How PayCardo is different and why you should use PayCardo?

True Contactless

Zero contact assured
No tap/swipe required
No risk of germs and viruses
Wave the card from a close distance

Fast & Secure

Ultra-fast payment
Instant payment notification
Fully secured payment
Compliant with payment norms

Live Tracking

GPS enabled services
Live bus tracking
Bus route tracking
Track your travel history


Simple and user friendly
No internet required
Independent of smartphones
Minimum KYC required


Fascinating facts validating PayCardo's approach towards the need for a true Contactless & Cashless payment solution.

82 %
Cash contaminated by germs
Wallet Icon
Crore daily cash transactions
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680 +
Lakh of Daily commuters
8 +
Annual wait time in days